Brief Eliza

My name is Elisa Ajikon. I am a girl aged 14 years old. I have a single parent that is my mother called Jesinta. In our family we are six that is, two sisters and four brothers. But my younger brother passed away when I was at school.

In the year 2001 I was brought to the centre due to the fact that I lost my real father, but the step father was cruel to my brother and I. My brother and I were separated from other children by our step father.

One day, my step father found his money stolen. He asked my sister but my sister refused and defended herself by saying ask Elisa, she is the one who spent the whole day here. I was quick in asking Ikai, you mean because I spent the whole day here I know who too the money? He turned to me, Elisa who took my money from my hand bag? If you refuse to tell me  who took my money you will see. I did not know what to tell him. The way things sounded then , it was that it must be me who had stolen the money. There had been times that I am  blamed for things that  got lost in the house.

He went outside to pick a stick. Should have known he had gone out to get a stick. It was too late for me to escape as he then came back trembling with anger. When Ikai sensed trouble she ran away.

As soon as she was safe outside, she started talking loudly; I should not be mistaken for the theft, I had never been beaten like that by my real father or my mother. He grabbed and whipped me with the cane mercilessly, he screamed as he whipped me until the stick broke inspire of my prayers that he should not beat me up any more. Would that make him stop? Ho God, I cried calling my mother but when my wanted stop him from hating me, he shouts to my mother and wanted to beat up. My mother told him because is not your daughter that is why you are beating her like dog.

By good luck, I slipped through his hands and shot out of the house. But he was after me, I run as fast as my legs could not carry me. But he pursued me, pouring out curses. He said I will kill and burry you before sunrise just wait and see!

Several times I stumbled and felt and rolled over the ground as I ran but I would be on my feet the second. At one moment, I ran against a lemon trees which tore me all over the body with thorns. Some of the thorns pricked me deeply and broke into the flesh. He could not run as fast as I could, thank God. As soon as he had discovered this within a short time, I had crossed the samba and plunged myself. Into the woods, I had him quarrelling with my mother because he said that may her be skilled and devoured by hyenas!
My mother called out for me. But did not answer. My step father told my mother you bloody mongoose called Elisa never return to my house. If I see her here, I will strangle her with my own hands until I have completely perished.

I decided that I should never return to that home. I walked down the slope without knowing exactly what I was doing and where I was going. My whole body was boring with pain as if I had been through real fire. I walked to the below the huge of fig tree. Climbed and tried to spend the rest of the night somewhere among the branches as I had nowhere else to go and I did exactly that.

I spent the rest of the night there sleepless. While my body a ached all over the night was frightfully cold. My body was all painful. I struggled to climb down the tree and start going. I made my mind to go to the street.

Until the  people of God saved my life, when I joined the centre I was taken to school where I started in standard 3 and I am now in standard 8, I will do my final examination this year where I am here that will pass well. My request is that I need you help please to assist me in getting the fees for joining the secondary school.
After completing the school, my ambition is that I would like to be a nurse or a crew in future and my dream will be true if you will assist me in the field of education.
Finally I am looking forward to hear from you. God bless you.


(Augustus 2007)